Monroe-admirer sets-up Marilyn Monroe Fan Club

Manfred Strunk sets-up

office in Lichtenberg 

100 international members

are already in



LICHTENBERG. The flag is hoisted high above at the pole. From there, Marilyn Monroe is looking at the garden of Manfred Strunk. He and Tina Kurpiela have found the first Marilyn Monroe-Fanclub and the office has its headquarter at Manfred Strunk in Lichtenberg.

Originally, the Fanclub was open before. In 1992, Kurpiela founded the club at Marilyn’s 30th Day of Death in Hildesheim, and Manfred Strunk took notice of it. Because Marilyn Monroe-fans know each other – at the latest since the sidsocvery of the internet.
"For example, when I auction something of Marilyn Monroe at Ebay then I meet other fans. And sometimes friendships follow", tells the 52 year old. He visited Monroe’s grave already, and he plans his holidays following Marilyn’s footsteps. Since he first saw the movie "Niagara", Strunk is crazy about her. "One day I started collecting“, he says. Books, photos, newspaper articles, the BRAVO-Starcut, private takings but also lighter, snowballs, t-shirts or ties with Marilyn’s conterfei are decorating his house.

Strunk is mad about and for Marilyn, and his wife Rita isn’t jealous at all. On the contrary: "Marilyn was an attractive woman", tells the 51 year old enthusiastic. "My husband catched me with his passion for her. And now I’m a fan, too." In the evening they sit together in front of the tv and mostly they watch old movies and they often can speak the text word for word.And it’s the same for Tina Kurpiela.

Since the end of the 70s, she’s interested in the phenomenon Monroe and that Marilyn Monroe died one day before the official Day of Death on 5 August. The private life of Monroe is very exciting, says the 41 year old whom has taken the presidency of the Salzgitter Fanclub "Some Like It Hot". „And if you’re a fan you want to know more about it.” With this opinion she’s not alone.

The 100 members of the club are in touch, also if they come from all around the world. “We have Italians, English, French, Americans and Australian", says Vice Strunk. And also the club magazine is connecting which comes out 4 times a year. In this you can find recent news and all worth knowings. A clubmeeting is also planned, 2009 in Lichtenberg – on 1 June, Marilyn’s birthday.

Published in the "Salzgitter-Zeitung" July 19,  2008.